Shipping Carriers and Cost

Many new businesses keep asking about our shipping cost and options. Letting you know that we offer following shipping carriers:

USA Europe
USPS, UPS, TNT, DHL UPS, TNT, DHL, “Lithuanian Post”
Shipping cost depends on shipping address and the weight of the order. Most important is that you can see all options before completing checkout. Please check print screen below:

Great News for EU Drop Shippers

New (and cheap!) shipping carrier “Lietuvos paštas” (“Lithuanian Post”) is available for shipping addresses within European Union for shipments of 0.5 Kg or less. Shipping cost depends on weight and USD exchange rate, but typically it varies from 3 to 4 USD, so it will be a very viable option for EU drop shippers. Tracking numbers are not available for this carrier.

“Lietuvos paštas” is the biggest and oldest post service company in Lithuania, it has 700 departments throughout the country and is owned by government.