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New feature was introduced today on FAFLingerie.com. Customers browsing our site will find links to stores selling particular item placed conveniently below every product’s description.

As our traffic is growing steadily, retailers can exploit this feature to convert interested customers into direct sales. Also, website gets a valuable internal link from our site to help with search engine rankings.

Customers, on the other side, will benefit from convenience and speed of pre-selection of links selling the exact same item they’re hopefully interested in.

How do I add links?

It’s simple. Sign In to your retailer account and browse through our wholesale catalog. You’ll find submission form below every product (as shown in the screenshot above). Enter your store title and URL to the item on your store. Submitted link MUST point to the exact same Titlion product. Note, that it will take a little time to approve your link.

We hope that you’ll like and benefit from this new feature. All comments are welcome.

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